Monday, March 31, 2008

4 days, but who's keeping track?

The Final Countdown is not only an annoying 80's pop/techno song that just won't go away, but also the phrase I'm coining these last 4 days in Uncle Sam's Finest Navy. Then I'll be leaving the Evergreen State in search of a new non-military life. No longer Joe Navy but Joe Schmoe. Sad story? Only time will tell..... On to more pleasant thoughts.......
This is my pal Charles the Woodcarver and his home-built carving tool sharpening station. He says, "Watch out for the guy who is always sharpening his knives, he may be on edge." He sharpened my whole knife collection for me Sunday and taught me the ins and outs of making a razor-like edge.
My new scissor jack and passenger pillion. Rides are 50 cents for the ladies but gentlemen you'll have to be content with watching from a safe distance.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger pelicanl said...

Not to worry, REAL MEN don't sit on "PILLION'S" anyway...

as for "time will tell", I will bet, the friendships you made out in the great State of Washingtion will become FAR more important then your actual Navy experience.


At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Nathan said...

Awesome sharpening station, every shop should have something like that. And as for your new life of no fixed income. Good luck with that. Swing by the house, we'll make sure you don't starve (in the short term that is).


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