Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fast Forward

It's been a year or two or three, and finally I've crawled out from beneath my rock. Here are some pics from my garage project.
Create Man Cave Corner: Check

Maximize Storage: Check

Hang Ladders: Check

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Got Hitched

On 4/9/09 Ms. Hillary Thronson became "The Missus"
....She and I became "We"....
We got married at the Brookings County Courthouse at 3:30pm with our friends Lindsey and Travis witnessing. It was a beautiful SD day and we were wed outside under a tree in the lawn.
Say "Hello" to Mrs. Hillary Hanson

Left to Right: Hillary, Ryno, Travis, and Lindsey
More to come............

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 08 update

Grandpa Bob wearing Chloe's sunglasses. How cute......

The New improved local Southfork- My first job after the Navy

Here are some of the highlights from the past month or so. To start out, I got a new job as an apprentice electrician for Miller Electric mid-month June. At the end of June I moved out of the Folks' house and into my buddy Vaughn's. Over the 4th of July there was another big party at the Hanson House on Pelican Lake, the first I've been able to attend in at least 3 years. That was great, even though sadly we were missing some very important guests. I also recently enrolled in SDSU for the fall semester and am looking forward to starting at the beginning of September.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy 28th Sister

Yesterday was Crystal's birthday. We celebrated over the weekend here in Watertown with Crystal, Karl, Ma and Pa Hanson, and me. Happy Birthday Sister!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

N.C. Vacation

Hello Folks! I had another out-standing vacation, my first trip to The Tar Heel State. I know, I know..... It seems as though I'm hardly ever NOT on vacation, but a guy only has one life to live. Here are a couple pics from the week I spent in North Carolina with Sister Steph (Mamma Z), Brother Shawn (Whom Chuck Norris Idolizes), Jacob Ryan (The Nephew), and the Nearly Newlyweds Adam (Cuz) and his soon-to-be wife Brandi (Brando Calrissian). I admit I didn't take enough pictures so I commandeered a few from Sister Steph who seems to always be on top of things with the camera.

Adam and Yours Truly in his barracks at Ft. Bragg

Brandi (looking very motherly, I might add) with J.R.

Outlaw Biker Tats, custom made for Outlaw Bikers

Who Loves you, Baby?

Shawn brought me along to the shooting range one day with him and his SF comrades to see what they do. I got to shoot his M-4 (awesome) and a couple of Glock 9mm pistols and see how the SF guys kick ass and take out the bad guys "over there". Then all of us (minus Brandi, who had to catch a plane) headed out to the lake, camped out, and had a whole lotta good clean fun.

Left To Right (Sis, Bro, Cuz, Me) Rear (Renegade Man)
out campin' and being wild
Thank you guys for allowing me to share that time with you and for taking such good care of me during my visit.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nevada Vacation

My Brother Nathan and Sister-in-law Malynda, nephew Zach and niece Chloe had me over for a few days at their home in Fallon, NV. They took great care of me. Here are some photos from some of our activities.

The ole Z-man will never live this picture down..... red eyes and hunting knives..... He really is a good 8 year old boy.....really.....

Brother Nate playing Easy Rider

Malynda and Zach at the waterfall we all hiked up to. Pretty precarious hike it was.

Nathan and I at the start of our over-nighter kayak trip down the Carson River.
This is before the fatigue set in. Notice the smile.
We came across this lonely homemade boat that had beached itself. We thought it fitting to send it back on its way. Here it drifts on down the river...

There were several spillways like this one that required us to portage around.
We camped out on a sand bar just as the sun went down and had some chicken and rice and just enough apple brandy to wash it down....

The Bro and I after a few hours rest and two cups of hot coffee. We broke down camp and continued on our way. Things pretty much went down hill from then until 8 hours later when we finally reached our destination.

Back in the SD

I'm now back where I started 4 years ago. South Dakota. On the trip between Washington and here I went South to visit family. I got to see the Hansons: Nate, Mo, Zach and Chloe of Nevada; and some Californians: Aunt LuAnn, and let's not forget Uncle Larry and Auntie Jan Moberg, respectively. Spent two weeks down in that area before heading back up Northeast toward SD. I was lucky enough to get rear-ended by a tractor-trailer in Idaho on an icy Hwy 20 without dying, and to end the trip on a good note I spent 3 hours crawling through an unexpected spring blizzard the last 70 miles from home. Things are now looking up though!! The snow is all melted again now and my bike is still in good riding order. The parts for my truck have been ordered by the local Toyota dealer body shop, and I have a good feeling that will all be squared away in the next 10 or so days.

Gotta love that South Dakota weather!

The Semi and the Damage Done.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Here I Go Again

Last Friday I became a civilian again. I nearly forgot how great it was.

Here are a couple shots from my going away lunch with some of my pals from Our Saviour's Lutheran Church. They gave me a nice send off at morning worship and then a bunch of us went to Famous Dave's. You gotta love those Lutherans.

Here's me Wednesday morning just before I made the 15 hour journey to Fallon, NV to see my brother and his family. It was a pleasant drive.