Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Nevada Vacation

My Brother Nathan and Sister-in-law Malynda, nephew Zach and niece Chloe had me over for a few days at their home in Fallon, NV. They took great care of me. Here are some photos from some of our activities.

The ole Z-man will never live this picture down..... red eyes and hunting knives..... He really is a good 8 year old boy.....really.....

Brother Nate playing Easy Rider

Malynda and Zach at the waterfall we all hiked up to. Pretty precarious hike it was.

Nathan and I at the start of our over-nighter kayak trip down the Carson River.
This is before the fatigue set in. Notice the smile.
We came across this lonely homemade boat that had beached itself. We thought it fitting to send it back on its way. Here it drifts on down the river...

There were several spillways like this one that required us to portage around.
We camped out on a sand bar just as the sun went down and had some chicken and rice and just enough apple brandy to wash it down....

The Bro and I after a few hours rest and two cups of hot coffee. We broke down camp and continued on our way. Things pretty much went down hill from then until 8 hours later when we finally reached our destination.


At 1:49 PM, Anonymous malynda said...

Hey! That is NOT my son. Anyone ever heard of Paintshop?
As for the rest of your pictures, they bring back great memories. Thanks for the visit Ryan!

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous stephy jo said...

you don't sound too crazy about doing that again! Buck up son!
Sounds like you and nate do neat stuff together. Sorry, at the Zerbe's you might want to put your hair out, out of pure boredom!
We have a museum... personally, seen one seen em all.
We have a PX/BX , two actually... been there, done that right? ie: seen one, seen em all.
Oh, right.... but we have the CAMPER!!!
You are gonna love it!

At 11:03 AM, Blogger ***Ryan*** said...

None of these photos were enhanced in any way. Just FYI Everybody

At 11:06 AM, Blogger ***Ryan*** said...

And Just to clarify I was and still am glad we took that trip... The going got a little tough near the end, but the pain and cold and sweat were all worth it for sure. Thanks for taking me out BRO.


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