Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanks for Giving

Here's Our Savior's Lutheran Church (ELCA) near base in Bremerton, Wa. I've been visiting here occationally since my ship moved up here in January of '05. Recently though I've felt motivated to show up more consistently, as I find being involved with the church provides me with a sense of belonging and purpose. It's like a home away from home! Plus the pastors and people of the congregation are pretty nice folks. I started doing a little volunteering here while my ship's inport, and have found it's a great way to get to know other Lutherans. Namely, Pastor Paul Meeker and Larry and Faith Reierson. Pastor Meeker asked the Reiersons to adopt me for Thanksgiving. I got a call a few days prior while in San Diego. I just happened to be in port down there, and off duty when the phone rang. Faith introduced herself and told me a little bit about all the people who were expected to be at their Thanksgiving shin dig. I told her I'd give her a call when I got back to Bremerton and Larry came to pick me up at 10:30 Thankgiving morning. They made me feel right at home. When we got back to the Reierson family pad, I got to meet Faith and her daughter Christy Miller, son-in-law Matt Miller and their nearly 2 year old son Oliver. Faith made me some cakes and sausage, and as soon as I finished washing it down with milk, Christy handed me a beer. Plus I soon found out that the Reiersons are avid sailors, much like some of the members of my family. Larry gave me a couple of books from the 70's that are for my father's boat. What a coincidence! I felt like this family was a match made in heaven! After we talked boats, sailing, gps and the like, we drove up to the Nenningers where we were to have the main meal. Kathleen and Phil Nenninger are the daughter and son-in-law of Larry and Faith. They have 3 nice kids Heather, Christopher and Rachel. The Nenningers were great hosts. I got to play a little ping pong with the youngest Rachel(who beat me) and then with Matt(who beat me). Anyway, a few other family friends showed up and we eventually ate a great big tasty meal, which included all the normal homemade stuff, plus some oyster stuffing which I had never tried before. I was lucky enough to have to go before dishwashing duty was delegated! Here are a few photos from after the meal, shortly before Larry, Faith and I left. Left to right: Larry, Phil, and 3 family friends. Center: homemade pumpkin pie- mmmm....
left to right: Christy, Kathleen, and Faith
Faith bookin' it through the dining room.
Kathleen and Christy.
It was a great day, and I will not soon forget the people who opened up their homes to me, a stranger from South Dakota!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Street Bob

Now here's something worth getting excited about. A brand new '07 Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob. She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine. Not this particular one of course, because this one already belongs to someone. But one just like it, and better because it will belong to ME!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Trying to pack a whole weekend into one day.

Another Friday is over. Here are a couple of pics. One of the JCS and one of San Diego in the daytime, from Naval Air Station North Island base of course. From what I hear it's the last nice sunny and 70's day I'll see for awhile. With Washington's weather lately, I won't be too surprised.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another hazy day underway. Here's a U.S. Navy war ship that's part of our battle group, and an unidentified orange bubble lurks on the horizon. I got some sweet footage of launch and recovery with F-18's, Prowlers, and a Cod. I'll have to do some show and tell when I go home next.

I also want to give a late shout out to a couple people whose birthdays I missed, Nate and Chloe. The internet's been down for a few days.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

11 November 06

Here's a few F-18 Hornets all lined up in a row, up on the flight deck of USS John C Stennis CVN-74.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

08 November 06

Today I got the bird flu shot. Boy will I sleep better tonight knowing I don't have to worry about that!! I wonder how my cousin Adam is doing in Army Basic Training. I hope all is well with him, knowing what it's like to be homesick.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday 06 November 2006

A picture of the Coronado Bridge from the Coronado Bridge, and a random tree at dusk- San Diego, CA.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

San Dog

Today we got to San Diego. I didn't do much except check out the free movies on base. I saw Everyone's Hero a cartoon movie, Invincible with Marky Mark, and Crank with that dude from The Transporter, which was not one you take your kids to.

These pics are from on base, and the night shot is from the flight deck across the bay to the night city lights.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

End of another day

Here's this evening's Pacific sunset. Looks good to me.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Out to Sea

Here's a couple pictures from Thursday morning when we left Washington. Top pic- Left is Samantha Berry, nice gal there, but she has a thing for throwing heavy objects at her co-workers. The dude on the phone is Arnold Carrol, the work center supervisor. He's the Bill Lumberg around here. "Ah yeah, how's the boat report coming along? Ah yeah, I'm going to need you to go ahead and finish up all the week's work today, or ah you can't go home yeah." Bottom pic- The guy on the left is Dwight Wilson, and he hates being called Dwight. On the same note, I thoroughly enjoy using his nerdy first name. Anyway, as you can see, he's flashing signs to show just how gangster he is. Keep it real, DW!
We all work together here in the Boat Shop. Anyway it's been getting colder up here in the Northwest, more like the fall in SoDak, so people have broken out the coats and hats to stay warm. We'll see how nice it is in SoCal soon, as we move the air wing onboard for more training.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Good evening, and welcome to the show.

Hey ev'rybody this here post is the first of what will be many. With any luck, there'll be more pictures than words. Anywho it's past my bed time. I've got a lot of watch to stand tomorrow, so I'd best be getting some sleep.