Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy 28th Sister

Yesterday was Crystal's birthday. We celebrated over the weekend here in Watertown with Crystal, Karl, Ma and Pa Hanson, and me. Happy Birthday Sister!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

N.C. Vacation

Hello Folks! I had another out-standing vacation, my first trip to The Tar Heel State. I know, I know..... It seems as though I'm hardly ever NOT on vacation, but a guy only has one life to live. Here are a couple pics from the week I spent in North Carolina with Sister Steph (Mamma Z), Brother Shawn (Whom Chuck Norris Idolizes), Jacob Ryan (The Nephew), and the Nearly Newlyweds Adam (Cuz) and his soon-to-be wife Brandi (Brando Calrissian). I admit I didn't take enough pictures so I commandeered a few from Sister Steph who seems to always be on top of things with the camera.

Adam and Yours Truly in his barracks at Ft. Bragg

Brandi (looking very motherly, I might add) with J.R.

Outlaw Biker Tats, custom made for Outlaw Bikers

Who Loves you, Baby?

Shawn brought me along to the shooting range one day with him and his SF comrades to see what they do. I got to shoot his M-4 (awesome) and a couple of Glock 9mm pistols and see how the SF guys kick ass and take out the bad guys "over there". Then all of us (minus Brandi, who had to catch a plane) headed out to the lake, camped out, and had a whole lotta good clean fun.

Left To Right (Sis, Bro, Cuz, Me) Rear (Renegade Man)
out campin' and being wild
Thank you guys for allowing me to share that time with you and for taking such good care of me during my visit.